Insane Military Pull Up record 

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Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting us be part of the Telemark Battalion for 24 hours!
Check out www.forsvaret.no​ for more info about the Norwegian Army.
Music and Sound Effects: share.epidemicsound.com/vSnfn​​​​
(30 day free trial)
Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
Military fitness test.
- Toyota
- Scarpa


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1 apr 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
PMdoubleT 2 timmar sedan
april fools, editing won him the record right?
Sernlol 3 timmar sedan
pull-up technique completely scuffed, it's sad that traditionally it's about the amount, not about the technique
damnation 4 timmar sedan
is this in the 90s?? wth
damnation 48 minuter sedan
@abcabcboy video quality
abcabcboy Timme sedan
Nepartinis 5 timmar sedan
I wouldnt lie to anybody that was impressive.
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 7 timmar sedan
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Corn Stalks
Corn Stalks 7 timmar sedan
i hear som many bergensere it feels like home
Ahmet Turgut
Ahmet Turgut 7 timmar sedan
Add 20 kg for the bar!
Zerus 7 timmar sedan
i am impressed all the time people lifting heavy weight, but i'd like to know if its ok/good for the body like thomas didnt straightn his back fully when deadlifting, its kinda rounded. is that bad for the back?
Pass the glass
Pass the glass 7 timmar sedan
Big up til alle nordmennene som svarer på kommentarene om militæret eller at vi snakker bra engelsk.
michael orr
michael orr 7 timmar sedan
This is good but really ?
michael orr
michael orr 8 timmar sedan
Did not have a PVC pipe across stomach to check swinging ? This is not seal training ,and is no way a record for pull ups ! 24 PB for my son , 18 after 500 m swim and 3 mile run . This looks like my neighborhood cross fit kids lol .
kille 3001
kille 3001 8 timmar sedan
the pullups look soooo clean
Kasper 8 timmar sedan
These dudes back are going to hurt if they train deadlift like that regularly.
Adrian Allen
Adrian Allen 9 timmar sedan
did he say someones record was over 2000 pull ups?
sisdomewjnenw Hajaja
sisdomewjnenw Hajaja 10 timmar sedan
My friend can do 90 lbs pull ups in 20 reps. He’s a Filipino Corpman in the Navy.
Harold Lawson
Harold Lawson 11 timmar sedan
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Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 12 timmar sedan
Mad respect,SVdown suggested this video to me and am amazed
Lykke 12 timmar sedan
This is amazing!!!! Magnus us soooooooooooooooooooooo strong👍
David Dust
David Dust 12 timmar sedan
Magnus looked like he could keep going for at least 15 pull outs, would have like to seen max out
Celreal Celv
Celreal Celv 15 timmar sedan
I can do 44 Pull-Ups. I'm 34 152 pounds...I did 44 a few weeks ago
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 12 timmar sedan
Let's see how the soldiers will do in the world of Magnus,,, 8c+
Rebecca Sullivan
Rebecca Sullivan 15 timmar sedan
0:30So perfect CATCH ME ONLINE!
mood fm
mood fm 15 timmar sedan
iv worked with some ex military guys here in Ireland... its not so obvious to some people but dont ever fuck with that way smaller guy for the love of god i know a couple of guys like him and they scare the living shit out of me.
E Wong
E Wong 19 timmar sedan
Is his back is hella curved in that deadlift or im i seeing things
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen 20 timmar sedan
Rogue. 20 timmar sedan
Air force: *someone come pick this up for me*
Haziel x
Haziel x 20 timmar sedan
Did that thomas guy actually bench with his ass off the board? its pretty bad form if i remember it right..
BulbasaurUseVinewhip 21 timme sedan
with good technique you'd be strong as fuck you should give Olympic lifting a go for a week or something with a good coach & see how strong you get, I would not be surprised if you could easily clean & jerk your bodyweight in such a small time
BagOfSoup 21 timme sedan
Magnus cam bench 225 he just needs to learn how to setup he benched 198 flat back
BagOfSoup 21 timme sedan
"Stone paper scissors"💀
Seamus H
Seamus H 22 timmar sedan
What a class bunch of lads. Cool vid.
TalonbaneGamer 22 timmar sedan
I´m from Sweden and just randomly got this in my recommended lol
Obionemore Slice
Unit 🙊
Fionn Diedrichs
Fionn Diedrichs Dag sedan
Magnus at least has good form on his reps Looking at the other guy he is just racing with reps with out form
Morten Lindberg
Morten Lindberg Dag sedan
Let's see how the soldiers will do in the world of Magnus,,, 8c+
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag sedan
The most impressive thing about this is their English. Absolutely phenomenal to be able to converse like that in a foreign language.
j12gz Dag sedan
Trending page sometimes throws up a gem
moookelld pd
moookelld pd Dag sedan
Norge gang
Jim O'Callaghan
Jim O'Callaghan Dag sedan
Supreme athletes, for sure!!
Sneep Dugg
Sneep Dugg Dag sedan
Norwegian gang
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag sedan
25 weighted... wow!
Bradley Knickel
Bradley Knickel Dag sedan
And those standards are why Hitler said fuck that shit
Nikolai Tandberg
Nikolai Tandberg 22 timmar sedan
what? I don't understand your comment.
Michael Wilkinson
Drag it against his legs bruh
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dag sedan
Magnus' pullup form with 11.5kg extra weight is still so perfect. What a beast.
James Olige
James Olige Dag sedan
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Caleb Hudson
Caleb Hudson Dag sedan
good god that guys gonna fuck his back eventually deadlifting like that.
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Dag sedan
Meanwhile the US military is switching to planks and pushups... Zero accountability for any sort of leg strength
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Dag sedan
amazing bro good job keep doing what you are doing you are amazing :) i still don't get how you did that stuff.
Meshi. Meshi
Meshi. Meshi Dag sedan
Jeez .. that amount of testosterone in this video.
Carlie Rottier
Carlie Rottier Dag sedan
@yorn_huysmans lees reacties hhaa
Patrik Gajdoš
Patrik Gajdoš Dag sedan
Did he just kissed his muscles at 20:14 ? Like, good job shoulder.
David Gould
David Gould Dag sedan
Awesome grip strength 140kgs raw deadlift at his body weight. Beast.
Quentin Styger
Quentin Styger Dag sedan
A weight belt would make your lifts a lot higher.
Million_Dollar_Soul _
Would anyone mind answering which muscles are being used during these weighted pull-ups at 12:25?
nordattack Dag sedan
john-carlos ynostroza
25 weighted... wow!
Randimal762 Dag sedan
I love their accents... reminds me of Norsemen 😂
Dean Raney
Dean Raney Dag sedan
17:10 you wanna see some real speed?
Jesse Segedy
Jesse Segedy Dag sedan
Awesome on the pullups, that was incredible. I can do like 3 with just bodyweight. haha
Forrest Dag sedan
7:40 lol Closed caption reads, "stone paper sister." Gives new meaning to the scissor sign.
Chris1z1 Dag sedan
I could deadlift 230 kilos/ 500+ lbs in high school. It’s a brag no one ever asked for but I never have stats comparable to videos like this so I’m proud.
Allen Yi
Allen Yi 9 timmar sedan
damn, that’s impressive, u should be proud
John Cena
John Cena Dag sedan
amazing bro good job keep doing what you are doing you are amazing :) i still don't get how you did that stuff.
S W Dag sedan
It’s bad ass but not David goggins level bad ass
Itz Zach#%
Itz Zach#% Dag sedan
Wish I could do that lol
Braxton Marshall
4:42 i said the same thing on my first day of highschool xD
Alexander Boholm
5.56 does not care about the size of your biceps while entering your skull.
Kathleen Underwood
2:21I'm single Wanna casual dating?
Devin Teter
Devin Teter Dag sedan
Daniil Shynkevich
Daniil Shynkevich 2 dagar sedan
These guys seem very humble and nice.
Illegaladoenadeala 2 dagar sedan
fuck the military
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dagar sedan
I love how they all speak English just for us.
Peter Campbell
Peter Campbell 2 dagar sedan
N.i.c.em gents from tecate california with much love.P*erkele I have a heart full of family if god of tribe of love of pride perkele. Nmcb 7 c p.r.c. master at arms warrant officer a t f LT.camobell sleeoer
neil brown
neil brown 2 dagar sedan
im 56 still lifting good video.. GOOD DEADLIFT GrIP not alternating, proper.
Dante H
Dante H 2 dagar sedan
0:30 the guy in the middle, maybe one of the best attitudes to approach life.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dagar sedan
Some of them dead lift forms were embarrassing
Mark 2 dagar sedan
how come the smallest dude was their leader
Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins 2 dagar sedan
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‘Murican 2 dagar sedan
casually benches my deadlift 🙃
Triplell 2 dagar sedan
Magnus could really improve his bench if his back wasn't flat on the bench. You should have a slight arch in your lower back and when you get set on the bench, you should lock your shoulder blades in.
TJack Survival
TJack Survival 2 dagar sedan
Noah Jacobs
Noah Jacobs 2 dagar sedan
The billowy orange bioinformatically spill because swamp enzymatically rob into a guttural H habitual alphabet. two, hypnotic apartment
Ross J. Wick
Ross J. Wick 2 dagar sedan
Damn , boys guys killed it on the weighted pullups .. inpressive
Trenton Ghorley
Trenton Ghorley 2 dagar sedan
Why did he take off his shirt
JASON'S WORLD 2 dagar sedan
Not fair. He used his White Privilege!!!!
Nikolai Tandberg
Nikolai Tandberg 21 timme sedan
What? was that a topic mentioned in the video?
. 2 dagar sedan
back breaker stance!
dickertim 2 dagar sedan
Wtf...medieval deadlifts...like Boys in puberty in the gym...and this is the Army..they should Care for the wellbeing of their soldiers!! But i already that suspicion in the beginning when that guy with the Sunglasses started to explain... Haha...it went in the Bench.. .Work on your dorsalflex of your Spine and you will even lift more Yes Magnus thats what should be called Pull UPS.. .no Comment on the tall guy
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 2 dagar sedan
Stor respekt til alle i militæret ❤🙏
mrcooldude123451 2 dagar sedan
Sooo cool
StraightCamp.com 2 dagar sedan
I thought the super soldier serum was for the US military personnel only.
Edwin The Activist
Edwin The Activist 2 dagar sedan
Some of them dead lift forms were embarrassing
Danny Livas
Danny Livas 2 dagar sedan
I feel like he was bouncing off the bench a lot for those sit ups. Magnus was steady and consistent. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Alien Network
Alien Network 2 dagar sedan
ayyyyy my boy
David Ravenscroft
David Ravenscroft 2 dagar sedan
Strong mental strength is what makes Magnus a beast (as well as excellent conditioning obviously) Such a humble decent human being..mad respect from the UK.
qwe qewre
qwe qewre 2 dagar sedan
Thomas look like Varg Vikernes. The classical (or typical) peculiarity of the beauty of the inhabitants of Norway, IMO.
Ellie Irvin
Ellie Irvin 2 dagar sedan
God Thomas is something else. Miring.
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf
This is what I imagine vikings were like
the stig
the stig 2 dagar sedan
My guy speak rubish English than fails at gjennomsnitt på engelsk a
Paradox 2 dagar sedan
This ab stand looks amazing!
Simon bastin
Simon bastin 2 dagar sedan
I didn't know that the Norwegian military hated their L5s this much.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 2 dagar sedan
Im crying naked in the shower with good form!
José Pelaio
José Pelaio 3 dagar sedan
The smaller guy just does them pull ups so easily. What a beast
Kuroro Luxifer
Kuroro Luxifer Dag sedan
being smaller is actually an advantage when doing pull ups..you have less weight to pull up..also, he's a professional rock climber, used to spend hours pulling up his body, often with just a couple fingers; if you look carefully, his forearms are REALLY huge.
José Pelaio
José Pelaio 3 dagar sedan
2:11 maaaaaan whats that form 😭😭😭 you are ruining it
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